Not true only for you

I believe in the power of uncertainty!

With strange answers, in strange times. I have no idea, what’s right sometimes. And that’s ok, I’m telling you. Rather that, than spreading the untrue.

It shouldn’t be frowned upon, uncertainty is something to be celebrated, not looked down upon. Be comfortable not knowing the answer, or else the wrong ones might spread like cancer.

With everybody so sure of what’s correct, with so few considering if the fact has been checked. With everybody so sure of what’s right, and uncertainty looked upon with spite.

With the black and white picture looming large, everybody’s guaranteed to get a bruised heart. In our little bobble we swim around, ejaculating to our hedonism, our echo! Shut up, I don’t care, let me just share this fake news, let go!

We are afraid of robots but are our self machines, thinking is hard, so I understand it, by all means.

Exporting reflection to memes and genes. We get our whole information-diet from our screens. The infobesity is a pandemic, and we only eat sugar. Addicted to quick bursts of dopamine – now look at her! Click bait here, sex there! There is surely no time for nuance here!

It’s all about being first, clench the thirst! Not caring that society is being submerged!

Attention is the currency, and it runs deep Our biology is playing catch up, not waking up from its sleep. But the prefrontal cortex is working hard, so there is hope. Logic and rationality can still change the slope.

Now if you’re unsure on how to proceed, It’s not always easy, I’ll be the first one to concede. But with great humbleness, maybe I can give you some advise Maybe these little enquiries for now will suffice:

Question everything at least once – what do you give credence? Why do you do what you do – are you in the right allegiance?

Think about your culture, you biases, your upbringing. If you where born a different place, would this still be the song you’d be singing? If you where a different person, would it still be objectively true? The things you hold dear now that it’s easy to be you?

This is important, because what seems true should seem true, regardless of where you come from, or whether you are still you.

Would you need to think something else, if you weren’t you? Would you not take that plane or do something else, knowing it’s your family who climate change would put in a queue?

A queue for food, a queue for shelter, a queue for getting a new mom because it is the last time you’ve felt her?

Would you buy the same things? knowing you could be the one in slavery for what this brings?

Try to wonder why you think the way you do And remember that our preferences do not determine what is true.

When you sit on your death bed and think back

What do you think will be the most important fact?

Wouldn’t you want to be known as a person.

That not only cared about him or her self, but tok on the burden.

Cus It is you, and the way you strive towards what you define as true. That will define our future, that’s what you need to attend to.

Be uncertain about what’s true (even this poem), but still try to reach it, don’t have your future stolen.

Try to figure out whats true, not only for you.

Lets get united in our uncertainty

let’s expand our field of view.