Noen ganger – hvis jeg er i et skikkelig ræva (godt) humør, tegner jeg samtaler jeg har hatt. Rettere sagt: utdrag fra samtaler. Og tro du meg, det har blitt en ganske saftig samling med tiden. En skissebok jeg har valgt å døpe «DØDENS BOK». Neida.

Tillat meg heller å omformulere det slik: Det dryppende, avslørende blekket lar seg aldri tørke. Så pass dere, kjøtere. Jeg har dere i blokka mi.

Her får dere et lite, upolert innblikk.

– Fucking ledge. Just remember: don’t waste your talent.
– I might be talentless for all you know. 
– Well you have to find out! 
– True.
– I believe in you, but millions wouldn’t. 
– You haven’t wasted yours it seems.
– It’s a close call, I’ve pissed away tons of my life!
– You have to piss away some to win some. 
– I’m gonna write that down, I’ll tell people I said it…
– You seem to have forgotten the fact that I could kill you.
– You are def nuts! That’s a start. Norwegian nutta.
– Thank you. I take that as a compliment.
– It was one. Let me know your movements after Friday.
– If I CAN move at all
– Where are you stuck? 
– In my life….. Someone have to scrape me off the cobblestone.
– It’s normal at 28! Listen… I was working in a bar at that age. That would not be a good career move for you! Unless you want to have endless fun and sex.
– Sounds great.
– Well at least you know what you like and how to be silly.. that’s a great start. Now turn it into art!

– Okey, that’s it. My eyes are closing, I have to read Proust. See what’s bothering him tonight. A disappointing church and some bad furnishings perhaps. Thrilling. Good night.

– I’m not kissing anyone. I’m happy alone. I’m done with people. 
– How many times have you found love? 
– Many times, all cases of mistaken identity… One definite, but that’s gone, we killed that. It’s been a few years of not feeling anything… except for friendship and sex. What about you, busy body? 
– Been there, done that.
– Love has been a major distraction/destruction all my life. John Malcovich said: «When my hair fell out I became a better actor». Luckily I moved to a town with the ugliest women in the world. 
– Oh, I like big noses and terrible sad skin from the sun and smoking cigarettes. So what you are saying is that when you lost love, you became a better artist? 
– No, I got more done when I was in love, because I did some crazy running around and decision making. I moved to Nigeria for fucks sake! All for love.