Rapsodes julekalender: Luke 16

– So tell me, my french friend, what is your dream calendar?

I forgot that I had to publish a post at Rapsode in a couple of hours, and me and my french friend are now drunk.

– Can it be whatever, you mean a sextoy-calendar, crazy tings like that? my french friend replies.

– Yes, of course, I answer.

– Well, then. Each day I get to try a new extreme sport. Parachute one day, wednesday I go surfing in tsnunami …

– Yeah, give it to me!

– I told you stop saying give it to me girl, i haven’t watched porn for a month now, and haven’t fucked girls for a long time either, because you are staying in my fucking apartment!

Floating in the universe, he says and looks out.

– Every polar system possible.

Each day a new universe. When I open the little door of the calendar, I get inspired, and get to another universe.

That is what I dream of, Johanna.

And I will walk to herself, the kingdom of animals, the rain above us, now we are the one who are products in a big grocery store, there is full of human, and milk of woman…. The cows are buying it. What the fuck.

Its a reverse. the strongest of us is doing caravane, like we did with the horses.

And lions, we are their pet, we are some human-pet.

Good night.